MSI has developed an extensive suite of software tools in the Matlab® programming language for the quality control, processing and analysis of metocean data. The data input can either be collected as part of a dedicated measurement program or can be derived from numerical models of waves, tides and currents. The software suite allows for individualised quality control of each dataset and statistical and expert analysis.

A range of data products can be produced including:
  • Time series
  • Exceedance curves
  • Extreme value analysis
  • Joint distribution tables
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Progressive vector diagrams
  • Rose plots

Additional analysis can be undertaken to determine metocean operating conditions, operability analysis (persistence) and conditions for design verification.

The flexibility of the Matlab environment allows the MSI processing team to accommodate their clients’ many varied analytical requirements, and innovative products such as animations and overlays allow the data to be visualised in a more accessible way to non-experts.

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