MSI’s core service is the collection of metocean (meteorological and oceanographic) data. Since inception in 2003, MSI has conducted measurement programmes in over 40 countries, with weather stations installed both onshore and offshore (on existing platforms and on data buoys).

Meteorological data collection typically includes wind speed / direction, air temperature, air pressure, relative humidity and rainfall. Particular projects also require additional measurements such as cloud height, visibility and present weather. MSI owns and operates a comprehensive range of sensors, all of which are usually integrated into a data logger which controls the sensors and stores the raw data.

Where possible, MSI installed weather stations transmit the data in real-time, either via radio, GSM, satellite or ethernet for display on a password protected client specific website.

From initial planning of the measurement program, to installation, servicing and decommissioning of the instrumentation, the technical field team has the required experience to ensure maximum data return.

MSI’s project management skills and experience means that no matter how remote the work site or complex the requirement, the right people and equipment are mobilised efficiently and safely.

Our offices in South Africa and Australia both operate ISO-certified Quality Management Systems, and our HSE Management System complies with OGP and NORSOK requirements. This ensures that all our over 140 clients, whether supermajor oil companies, construction firms or local engineering consultants, receive the high level of service and safety required for the very specialised are of metocean data collection.

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