In addition to our metocean (meteorological and oceanographic) data collection service, MSI has partnered with Aerospace & Marine International (AMI)(link is external) to offer our clients both site specific and route marine weather forecasts. These services are provided with 24 hour telephonic support from their offices in the UK, USA and South Korea, and are based on numerical model data, observational weather data and weather satellite outputs.

Forecast parameters typically include:

  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Sea Height and Period
  • Primary and Secondary Swell Height
  • Direction and Period
  • Combined Wave Heights
  • Visibility
  • 24 hour Access to custom forecasts via any Internet connected computer

Additional products available include:

  • Synoptic Charts
  • Surface Current Forecasts
  • Tropical Cyclone Tracking and Tide Prediction

AMI also offer a optimal voyage routing service that provides vessel operators, including those involved with towing dead ships, barges, drilling rigs, etc.. It is designed to minimize sea time with resultant reductions in operating costs and green house gases. Using AMI’s proprietary software the analysis of the optimal route takes into account the tow speed, type of asset being towed, weather limitations, weather forecast, and hi-resolution ocean currents.

Forecast delivery is either via email or fax, and clients have 24 hour access to custom forecasts via the internet. The web based system includes satellite images, weather charts (observed and forecast), hi-resolution ocean currents, radar data where available and lightning data.

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