MSI’s core service is the collection of metocean (meteorological and oceanographic) data. Since inception in 2003, MSI has conducted measurement programmes in over 40 countries, in water depths ranging from just a few metres in Australia to over 2000m in Mozambique. A key component of data collection is integrating systems together and, where technically possible, telemetering the real-time data back to MSI’s data centre for archiving and online display.

MSI work with all the leading manufacturers to ensure the most suitable equipment is used for each project, and continuously invest in state of the art instrumentation such as current meters / profilers, wave buoys and tide gauges.

MSI has the capacity to perform integration of a wide variety of oceanographic and meteorological sensors and instruments into complex metocean systems. These integrated systems can be installed on fixed structures, such as oil platforms, or on ocean buoys and typically include real-time transmission of the data for incorporation into operational information systems. MSI has experience with a wide variety of transmission systems, including underwater acoustic modems, radio (VHF / UHF), GSM, satellite (Iridium / Orbcomm / Inmarsat / Argos) and ethernet. The choice of transmission system is determined by distance of the instrument from the nearest shore point, frequency at which data is required and cost.

The data transmitted is typically stored on MSI’s server and uploaded in real-time to a password-protected website for the client to access. MSI monitors incoming data to ensure all instruments are operating correctly and automated daily reports can be issued via email to a client-nominated distribution list.

From initial planning of the measurement program, to deployment, servicing and recovery of the instrumentation, the technical field team has the required experience to ensure maximum data return.

MSI’s project management skills and experience means that no matter how remote the work site or complex the requirement, the right people and equipment are mobilised efficiently, safely and cost effectively.

MSI’s offices in South Africa and Australia both operate ISO-certified Quality Management Systems, and their HSE Management System complies with OGP and NORSOK requirements. This ensures that all of their 140+ clients, whether supermajor oil companies, construction firms or local engineering consultants, receive the high level of service and safety expected of a specialist in metocean data collection.

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