MSI recently completed an intensive, short-term metocean measurement campaign in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, contracted by Technital on behalf of the Tanzanian Port Authority (TPA). This formed part of a larger field data collection programme in support of future dredging operations in the Port of Dar es Salaam.

The campaign comprised a number of measurement types, including multiple moorings with current, turbidity, temperature and salinity sensors; current transect runs; water quality and sediment sampling; as well as weather measurements. Balancing this diverse range of measurement types proved challenging, especially when taking into consideration the majority of these collection sites were inside the busy Dar es Salaam Port.

The two twelve-hour transect runs proved quite challenging in terms of logistics and operations, as the survey and water/sediment sampling vessels had to work around ships entering or leaving the port alongside the numerous ferries and fishing boats operating in the channel area. MSI collaborated with the University of Dar es Salaam to ensure sediment-related samples were collected and stored correctly before being handed over to the university for analysis.

The bottom-mounted current meter frames also had to be placed with care so as not to jeopardize either the equipment or vessels. Deployment and recovery of these frames were handled safely but speedily to avoid impacting normal port operations. Making use of a local vessel and skipper proved invaluable in ensuring efficient and safe completion of all sampling activities.

At the completion of the original measurement programme, it was decided to leave the weather station in place towards a possible continuation of the measurement programme, and specifically water levels, in conjunction with TPA.

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