In April 2007 MSI was contracted by Hardman Petroleum to conduct a 6 month metocean measurement campaign to support their intended developments in Lake Albert, Uganda. Little did we know that, following a transfer of the contract from Hardman to Tullow Oil, the initial 6 month programme would end up continuing for over 8 years, with 27 site visits and over 330 engineer days on site.

The project initially comprised deployment of a Nortek acoustic wave and current gauge (AWAC) and establishment of an onshore weather station. This was later expanded to include 2 additional onshore weather stations (one of which was for CNOOC), as well as 3 RBR tide / wave recorders and an RBR tide gauge. During the latter stages of the contract the weather stations were upgraded to provide real-time data transmission via satellite to a password-protected website for Tullow / CNOOC to access.

PR89 Tullow UW KitIn late 2015 we demobbed all the marine equipment and stopped the data transmission, but the weather stations are still collecting data and we are ready to resume operations at a moment’s notice.

Ironically this project, our longest to date, has been in a landlocked country! Nevertheless, it has allowed us to be involved in an exploration venture from early inception and appreciate the upgrades in infrastructure and local development that such activities can bring. We were also fortunate to be able to recommend, in conjunction with the client’s engineers, what metocean measurements were required to achieve the desired aims.