MSI has been providing metocean measurement services to Tullow Oil in Uganda since 2006, and more recently in Gabon. In late 2013, MSI was awarded a contract by Tullow Oil to measure near surface and near seabed current profiles in approximately 2,400m water depth, during a drilling programme by the West Leo semisubmersible rig in Block CI-03 offshore Côte d’Ivoire (CI). For these measurements MSI provided a combination of rig and seabed based systems.

The rig based system comprised a combination of upward and downward looking TRDI ADCPs deployed in a frame suspended 18m below the sea surface. Both ADCPs were cabled to a Campbell Scientific datalogger which was connected to the rig’s network, enabling MSI to remotely retrieve the data and display it on a password-protected website for the client to access. Daily summary reports of the data were generated and automatically e-mailed to a client-supplied distribution list throughout the measurement programme.

The seabed system comprised an upward looking TRDI 75kHz ADCP mounted into a Mooring Systems Inc flotation buoy.

Personnel were mobilised to both CI and Ghana to not only ensure the equipment was mobilised to the rig efficiently but also that all systems were ready for installation when the rig arrived from Ghana. Both systems were successfully recovered in December 2013 and data processing, analysis and reporting is ongoing at MSI Cape Town data centre.

This latest project extends our 7 year relationship with Tullow into CI, where we have previously completed projects for PMI and CGGV, and again confirms our ability to successfully provide metocean measurement services in Africa, where logistics are often very challenging.