With extensive experience in Africa, Metocean Services International (MSI) has recently returned to Sierra Leone to undertake the installation of 2 real-time current measurement systems for African Minerals (AML).

Each system provides real-time current speed and direction to 3 receiving stations, 2 on vessels involved in loading / offloading operations and 1 in the marine superintendent’s office.

Designing the system to meet AML’s requirements, each of the integrated measurement systems comprises a Nortek Aquadopp current meter, Campbell Scientific datalogger and Satel radio modem. One of the systems also has a Keller pressure sensor installed to provide tide information in real-time. The receiving stations comprise Satel radio modems, with Campbell Scientific’s LoggerNet software for data display.

The field team from MSI not only installed the system for AML but they also provided training to the AML personnel to ensure that they can independently utilise the system.


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